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  • Agate Night Lamps
  • Angels & Skulls
  • 1 Inch Angels
  • 2 Inch Angels
  • 3 Inch Angels
  • Skulls
  • Anti-Radiation Products for Cell Phones
  • Arrowheads
  • Arrowhead Bangles
  • Arrowhead Connectors
  • Arrowhead Earrings
  • Arrowhead Finger Rings
  • Arrowhead Keyrings
  • Arrowhead Necklaces
  • Arrowhead Pendants
  • Color Glass Arrowheads
  • Gemstone Arrowheads
  • Neolithic Arrowheads
  • Standard Arrowheads
  • Stone Knives
  • Balls/Spheres & Eggs
  • Gemstone Balls
  • Gemstone Eggs
  • Bowls
  • 2 Inch Bowls
  • 3 Inch Bowls
  • 4 Inch Bowls
  • Singing Bowls
  • Bracelets/Bands
  • Bands
  • Chakra Bracelets
  • Gemstone Bracelets
  • Chakra & Reiki Sets
  • Chakra Sets
  • Engrave Spheres & Eggs & Pyramids
  • Pagan/Wiccan Sets
  • Reiki Sets
  • Chakra Jewellery
  • Chakra Metal Pendants
  • Chakra Pendants
  • Charging Plates
  • Energy Generators
  • Energy Generator
  • Geometry & Platonic
  • 5pcs Geometry Sets
  • 7pcs Geometry Sets
  • Platonic Solid Crystals
  • Handicraft Items
  • Dorjes & Vajras
  • Figurines & Idols
  • Gemstone Trees
  • Healing Sticks
  • Carved Healing Sticks
  • Chakra Healing Sticks
  • Clay Healing Sticks
  • Plain Healing Sticks
  • Rose Wood Healing Sticks
  • Tibetan Healing Stick
  • Jap Malas
  • Jap Mala
  • Massage Wands
  • Carved Massage Wands
  • Double Terminated Wands
  • Facetted Massage Wands
  • Smooth Massage Wands
  • Merkaba Stars
  • Merkaba Star
  • Mineral Specimens
  • Minerals
  • Obelisks & Points
  • Gemstone Obelisks
  • Gemstone Towers
  • Natural Points
  • Orgone Energy Products
  • Orgone Balls & Eggs
  • Orgone Chakra Sets
  • Orgone Cones
  • Orgone Healing Wands
  • Orgone Merkaba Stars
  • Orgone Pendants
  • Orgone Pendulums
  • Orgone Pyramids
  • Other Orgone Products
  • Other Agate Items
  • Accessories
  • Agate Slices
  • Bead Strands
  • Beaded Chain
  • Candle Holders
  • Chips Strands
  • Key Rings
  • Pencil Grids
  • Double Terminated Pencils
  • Single Terminated Pencils
  • Pendants - Necklaces - FingerRings
  • Chips Necklaces
  • Finger Rings
  • Flat Stick Pendants
  • Gemstone Necklaces
  • Gemstone Pendants
  • Heart Pendants
  • Wire Wrapped Pendants
  • Pendulums
  • Ball Pendulum
  • Chakra Pendulum
  • Egyptian Pendulum
  • Facetted Pendulum
  • Metal Mounted Pendulum
  • Metal Pendulum
  • Reiki Pendulum
  • Special Pendulum
  • Wooden Pendulum
  • Pranic Healing
  • Pranic Healing Crystals
  • Pyramids
  • Big Pyramids
  • Small Pyramids
  • Shiva Lingam & Pub Hearts
  • Pub Hearts
  • Shiva Eye
  • Shiva Lingam
  • Tumble Stones
  • High Grade Tumbled Stones
  • Raw Tumble Chunks
  • Rune Sets
  • Tumbled Stones
  • Worry Stones
  • Cabachones/Ovals
  • Cut Stones
  • Discs
  • Ovals
  • Palmstones
  • Soap Stones
  • Worry & Thumb Stones



Is it a safe and secured way of payment with you?

The fully secure server software encrypts all information you input before it is sent to us. All of the customer data we collect is protected against unauthorized access.

How can I pay for my order?

You can pay easily with your credit / debit card via paypal, bank transfer, cheque, moneygram, western union money transfer.

Do you keep our data secured?

We believe in a very strict business ethics, integrity and values and follow them religiously. Rest assured for any misuse or unauthorized access of your data since we have a very secured and safe server. We consider your details to be very precious and make it totally confidential – without any chance of being sold, rented or distributed.

What are your privacy policies / do you save our details in your database?

We do follow a strict and secured privacy policy where we closely monitor every individual / IP addresses visiting our site. We restore your data in our totally secured directory once you place an order or call for enquiry so as to strengthen and maintain a healthy relationship with you for future opportunity. We keep your contact information i.e. name, contact numbers, email id, billing and shipping address for any promotional activity as well.

How an order is processed – from beginning to an end?

Once you send us the Purchase Order via email or attachment or in hard copy format, we send you the Invoice with detailed product specifications and pricing. Once you are happy with that and transfer the agreed price along with shipping cost, we start processing the order mailing you the tracking number. As said before and agreed upon within the decided time frame – the parcel / package reaches the said location and hence the order is processed.

What are the shipping mode / methods and how long does it take to reach me?

Depending upon the need of the customer we use various modes like DHL, FEDEX or Private Couriers with the shipping pricing as applied on the given day; usually, the package will be directed to you within 10 - 15 working days (excluding the ordered day and weekends – saturdays / sundays). We may be able to send the courier within 5 – 10 working days as well with the applied delivery / courier charges as agreed upon.

How to track my package / parcel?

Once the order has been packaged and shipped, an online tracking number will be provided to you with which the total virtual movement can be easily noted.